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The Earth could be an alien’s science project!

Are living creatures found on earth only? Do aliens exist? Are humans the only intelligent species? If aliens exist, are they smarter than humans? These are some of the questions that are some of science’s greatest mysteries.

I often question that how can Earth be the only place where living beings exist. People say that Earth was formed after the Big Bang but I say what if the Earth is an alien’s science project who got a C for it in his school! What if our actions are being controlled by some other creatures. This seems and sounds unlikely but you never know!

I am a firm believer in the existence of creatures living outside the Earth. I just can’t imagine nothing but empty space and some planets all over the universe without any living beings except of course the earth. The creatures might not be similar to us. They may breathe hydrogen instead of oxygen, they may be more intelligent than us and already know of our existence.We claim to be the most intellectual species on our planet but it could turn out that we are the most inferior race as compared to that of other planets and galaxies (provided aliens exist) Then there could be some creatures who are far less intelligent than us and aren’t even aware about other planets except their own. Also, what if there are living creatures on earth itself that are far more smarter than us and are not visible to us!

Moreover, we have all heard about rumours about UFO’s and aliens on earth. We have all heard about places like Area 51.There has to be some reason that such things have been claimed to be been seen by many people and places like Area 51 are rumoured as a site for aliens to live!

I don’t understand why aliens are always shown in a bad light. It is possible that they (if they exist) are quite friendly and want to help humans. If humans and aliens meet, it is possible that the interaction would be the best thing to happen to mankind for they might bring with themselves revolutionary technology and things for humans!

Also, what if inanimate objects have their own lives and they themselves think that us humans are not living.What if we are just living the first part of our life and the second part would start after our death. These questions fascinate me a lot and even though such things are extremely unlikely, they are indeed possible. I believe that we have not unfolded 99.9% secrets of this world and our science is centuries away from unfolding them. So, don’t rule out any possibility. Also, imagine out of the world things. It doesn’t cost anything to do so. They might turn out to be real some day! Maybe we’ll hear from an alien tomorrow itself!

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