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Find happiness in little things!

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

As I see it, the world is becoming less and less happy day by day. People are always worried about a certain thing or the other and they spend so much time being anxious about an anticipated future event that they forget to enjoy the present and see what actually what they are missing out on. A friend of mine told me, ” When I go for cycling in the evening and notice people around me, I can rarely spot happiness on their faces(barring young children). They are either look angry, sad, dejected or nervous. Never are they merry-looking.” These words of my friend stuck to me. He is not wrong when he says the world is full of selfishness and stereotypes which leaves little space for happiness and joy.

What we forget is that in the end, we all are going to die until and unless someone invents a thing which can make humans immortal(VERY UNLIKELY). So why don’t we spend our time on Earth laughing and smiling, full of joy and happiness? We try so hard to maintain a good reputation amongst others what we stop caring about ourselves. It is rightly said that the most malicious disease is the thought that “What will others say”. If you enjoy or like something, go buy or experience it!

I myself get excited and happy about little things be it going out for dinner or watching my favorite tennis player win a trophy. I look forward to the days on which my favorite dish is prepared and on which my favorite basketball team is going to play a match. I love going to the door to receive a pizza and I really enjoy myself listening to songs all alone in my room with no disturbances. I am thrilled just by the fact that my blog has received a few hundred views and people are commenting good things about it. I really pride myself on this quality of enjoying little things.

Preparing for the future is necessary but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy ourselves. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow. It takes not even a single second to lose every tangible thing that you have. So invest more in intangible things like memories. Find happiness in small facts like having a great night’s sleep or receiving texts from your loved ones. As one of the closest people I know has rightly put it,” The time enjoyed wasting is not time wasted!” Stephen Chbosky has rightly stated, “There is nothing like deep breaths after laughing that hard.”

Money alone can’t give you happiness. I have jumped to this conclusion based on my observations of rich and poor people. The rich are generally worried about earning more and more while the poor enjoy the little things that they have. (This is my view that I observe most of the time). Be happy if you have a roof over your head and have a bed to sleep! Millions don’t have this luxury and many of them are still happier than many of us who can afford such things.

The meeting that you are worrying about is going to go really well if you have prepared well and not if you haven’t. So why worry!

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