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Past, Present and Future

People say “Forget the past, live in the moment and don’t think about the future”. I say “Embrace and learn from the past, live in the moment and don’t worry about the future”

Forgetting the past, be it a happy or a sad memory isn’t something I would like to do.(Anyways, I think that the past can’t be forgotten). If you get happy remembering the past, what’s wrong in enjoying that moment. Obviously reminiscing about that moment the entire day won’t do us any good but rejoicing for 5 minutes won’t do any harm and could actually provide inspiration. Yesterday, I was looking at my photos as a small kid when I had gone on a trip to Kashmir. I could be seen to be genuinely happy and delighted to be in the midst of the valleys. I could be seen smiling in photos not just because a photo was being clicked, but because I was thoroughly relishing that particular moment. This memory made my night and as a result, I slept really well. Added to that, it inspired me to write this blog. What more could I ask for?

Even if a memory makes you sad, think that you are strong enough that you endured and lived through it. Think that you learned something from it which would help you in the future. I wasn’t really happy 2-3 years back due to factors like peer pressure and insecurities but now looking back, I feel proud that I lived through it and improved my condition.

There is nothing wrong with thinking about the future. Just don’t worry about it too much. Thinking about what you want to achieve in the future is necessary in my opinion. I thought in 5th grade that I want my own book published and I began writing one but I hit a dead halt after about 6000 words. However, I still kept on writing short articles and was the first one to start doing a writing task given in school. And then one day, my English teacher asked me to write an article for my school magazine. That was the start of quite an eventful journey. I started writing regularly for the magazine and became the student coordinator of the magazine. Having gained quite a bit of confidence, I started writing this blog which is doing reasonably both in terms of consistency and numbers…This blog too wasn’t started impulsively. I remember the same teacher asked us to write our goals by the end of the year. This incident of last year. It was then when I thought of writing a blog. And then, I grabbed the golden opportunity of being published. Quills writing club, an organization which selects students from schools and helps them get published, collaborated with our school. And I got selected!!! So within a few months, our(I and a few other students) books would get published and I’m quite happy with the short story that I have written and feel that it is the best piece that has come out of my pen. Even though it might not be something extraordinary, all these things have instilled self-confidence in me. So Ma’am, if you’re reading this, thanks a lot!!!

Similarly, I always aimed at winning a national competition. Even though I have not been able to win one yet, I did win an inter-school quiz which might be a really small achievement as compared to winning something at the national level but it has kept me motivated.

All of this just because I did think about the future.

Living in the moment is what we need to do. However, past and future do have their importance and can’t be ignored.

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