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Student Leadership

Student and Leadership

“Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example”

When we hear the word ‘leader’, what comes to our mind are  the politicians that run our government. Of course, they are leaders. But leadership is not limited to becoming a politician and holding a position of power. It is much more than that. In fact, even students can become leaders in some way or the other. Being a good student doesn’t only mean doing well academically. It has various other aspects amongst which a vital one is to learn how to become a good leader. Certainly, being a part of the student council would help shape your leadership skills significantly. You get to learn how to manage events-both intra and inter-school, to take initiative and to act by example.It would help you to become more competent, responsible and also teach to act under pressure. All of these qualities are needed on a daily basis in the ‘outside’ world beyond the boundaries of your home and school.

It is not that being a part of the student council, you only have burden on your head. You enjoy a lot too. The bonding you develop with many other student council members lasts a lifetime and allows you to make many new friends. The satisfaction of completing a task successfully gives unparalleled joy and even if you are not able to complete your job up to the expectations, you still learn a lot.

Don’t become a part of the prefectorial body because it would improve your college resume, but because it would give you lessons that can’t be learnt elsewhere.

Apart from being a student council member, a student can still become a leader in his day-to day activities. It could be taking initiative in taking part in the class assembly and debates or members of school sports team giving suggestions to improve their strategy and their coordination. All of these activities are typical of leadership.

Forming a group and doing community service by educating street children, visiting orphanages and old-age homes, conducting nature-protection drives is an excellent way of experiencing leadership. If your activities are such that it inspires others and you become an example, then you have already become a leader.

A leader doesn’t only have to be the Head Boy or the Head Girl of your school.Your acts make you a leader and not your position. It is the young leaders of today that are going to run the country tomorrow, so it is important to ensure that this skill is properly polished and honed in students.

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