Crying Heart

His heart is crying,

His desperation is intensifying,

His happiness is dying,

How well he hides all this is terrifying!


He wants to cry,

But tears don’t come out.

His pain magnifies,

But those precious water droplets are still in a hideout.


The burden on his mind is huge,

There remains no place to seek refuge…


But then he finds a silver lining in this horror

Resulting in the birth of a budding poet and author…

Now, there is no time such as a bad time,

All it is that he now has more content to write about and rhyme!



Who Knew

Who knew that behind that laugh

Was a heart that was broken in half


Who knew that behind that beautiful Instagram post

Was a soul that was depressed the most


Who knew that behind that gorgeous face

Was a person who had no inner grace;

And needed to be put in his place


Who knew that behind that poet’s charming phrases

Were his life’s darkest phases.


Who knew that behind that “loyal” friend

Was a stranger that only knew how to pretend


Who knew that behind that closed room door

Was a brain that was waiting to roar…


All of these stories

Some full of joy, some full of worries

Sometimes jotted down in journals or diaries

Are life’s memories

Creating mischief and putting your friends to blame 

The joy of defeating your cousins in a board game

Teasing your best friend’s with their crush’s last name 

All these memories are beautiful, all the same

Packing suitcases 

And visiting different places

Getting photographs clicked making different faces

And then later, remembering the times spent in these oasis…

Binge watching web series and shows

At late night just before you doze

And then getting annoyed when the mobile screen buffers and froze

Ah, what times where those!

Those small successes

Of winning a quiz through guesses

Or getting first prize in a competition where you had to wear fancy dresses

Reminiscing those give the most joy to your brain and its five senses

Sit back and go through your life’s memories on a random day of July

And one moment, they leave you horrified

And in the next, you’ll be flying in the sky 

And before you realise, you might have tear in your eye…


Prone to wander,

And although not scared to face things even scarier than thunder,

It’s own thoughts make it shudder as if it is being blundered,

And it becomes their slave rather than its commander

It is indeed world’s most complicated wonder…

What it doesn’t know is that it is the most potent thing to ever exist 

For it is the creator of the most powerful technology and most effective medicines for the treatment of most horrid of cysts.

Someone tell it that it is indeed God’s most special gift

And even when all other material things disappear, it is the most likely to persist…

So strong that it can destroy itself and deteriorate

Be it in the form of excess sadness, pleasure or love that it itself might create.

There is a limit to the emotions that it can accumulate

If pushed beyond its limits, it is likely to disintegrate…


Gazing at the vast sky

Observing the birds that are up-high

Sitting in a train, watching thousands of establishments and people go by

Gaping at something which changed in a blink of an eye

Makes us realise life is so much more than what is happening nearby.

Thus, worrying too much for something about which you can’t possibly do anything

Instead of moving onto better prospects that have much more meaning

Is full of foolishness and not at all appealing

Being 1 in 7 billion of humans with the number increasing day-by-day,

On Earth, which makes up about 1/400 billion of the total planets in the MilkyWay,

And number of galaxies totalling up to at least 100 billion according to an organisation based in USA;

Why care about things that will eventually fade-away

When you don’t make up a single grain of sand of a desert of this universe

Why think about problems so much as if they would never disperse

Just remember when you are at your lowest, things wouldn’t get worse

And you would eventually get what you deserve…

Over and Out

You’re worth it

One minute you feel on top of the world

And in the next, you don’t even find joy in the chirping of the most melodious of birds

One night, you feel as if you’re drowning

And the next day, you scream, “What a lovely morning!”


One minute, you feel that you are on cloud nine

And in the next, you think that you are not worth even a dime!

One night you find a person to be full of misunderstandings and mistrust

And the next day, you realise that the person was actually worth much more than gold-dust


All of these spontaneous changes in feelings

And all of those thoughts inside you with which you are dealing

Searching here and there for some meaning

Trying to make sense of what you are always dreaming

Is something that happens to every human being.


So just remember that you are not alone in whatever you are going through

You’ll eventually find someone who’ll always be there for you

Whenever you feel your life is tragic

Remember that some souls know magic…


Over and Out





The person whom you consider…

The person whom you consider to be egoistic might just be suffering from depression

And the one who seemed to be too arrogant could be the one who is never allowed self-expression

The one whom you consider to be full of attitude might just be a case of shyness

And the one who seemed to be rude  might just be the epitome of kindness


The person whom you consider to be your lifeline might just be the one who is going to leave you in the end

And the person whom you seemed to be your enemy could turn out to be the one whom you’ll be ever-ready to defend

The person whom you consider to be the least caring might just be the one who secretly tries to always protect you

And the person who seems to be the one who constantly ignores you could be the one of the few who might understand what you are going through


The one whom you consider to be jealous of you might just be the one who appreciates the odds that you are defying

And the one who seems to be unfair could be the only one who wants to see you flying

The person whom you consider a “nobody” in your life might just be the one whom you’ll have to count your blessings on

And the one who seems to hate you could be the one who adores you to the moon and beyond…


Over and out