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All of us meet different kinds of people in our lives. Some are selfless, some are helpful, some are loyal and some are kind. Not to say that good people don’t exist, but what I have been noticing is that people are becoming more and more ungrateful and selfish day by day.

Personally speaking, I’ve had friends who have had my back during difficulties but I have had more friends who are self-centered. Recently, a friend of mine called me after a long time and just within a minute of talk, he asked me for a huge favor which was beyond my capacity to fulfill.

On the contrary, people one can talk to about anything without fearing about anything are the kind of people I love. They are loyal and don’t hurt people’s feelings. Recent experiences have shown me you can’t trust people blindly. Whatever you do for them, most people won’t even care. I believe people should stick up to their word. Nobody likes hypocrites.

I believe we humans can develop a hate for a person we love within a matter of seconds(maybe rightly so) and don’t even give the other person the chance to explain themselves.

Can people change? I believe they sure can. But if someone believes they can’t change for the better, they won’t be able to see the change that they might be going through at that exact moment. If people can change and become thieves and drug addicts, why can’t people change for the better? Although, I think that there is something, say unconditional love or hatred, that makes people better or worse.

According to me, another habit that people have that they jump to conclusions really quickly. To quote an incident, a classmate of mine considered me to be not a good person and apparently developed a “hate” for me without even knowing who I was. The person has never even talked to me properly. Developing such perceptions for people without even knowing them is outrightly judgemental.

People don’t understand that what they speak might hurt others. They speak whatever is on their minds to complete strangers without realizing the effect it might have on the other person…

We humans don’t need better technology or materialistic things to make this world a better place. We need compassion, love, gratefulness, and selflessness to achieve the goal of universal happiness.


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Why do you criticise people for the sake of it

Criticising people just because they are rich is a tendency which most of us have. But why There is a reason wealthy people have managed to earn so much. 99 out of 100 people people are rich because they have worked hard for their wealth. Criticise people’s actions, not people. Saying that Mr X is such a bad man because he has so much money and is buying private planes or luxury cars with it instead of helping the poor is illogical. I say that when he has worked so hard for his success, then why shouldn’t be allowed to buy what he wants to or has dreamt of having one day. Of course, giving to charity is a great thing but criticising others because they are buying things that they like is something which doesn’t make sense. Another thing I’d like to mention here is that children who take over their parents’ business have to work hard as well. It is only if they work diligently that they will be able to run the business in the desired manner. If there is food on your plate, you need to know how to eat it. It won’t enter your mouth by itself.

Similarly, someone who has powers or can influence decisions in an organisation has reached such a level because they have worked hard for it.

Another thing that surprises me is people love to criticise other religions and show their religion as the best. Some even tell their children to stay away from people of a particular religion or stay close to people only from their religion. Some atheists mock theists to no ends which is entirely wrong according to me . If you don’t believe in God, that’s fine. But this doesn’t mean you start condemning believers of God. Likewise, denouncing atheists makes no sense. Have your own belief but at the same time, respect others’ beliefs too.

People criticise others because of their occupation as well. Some hate doctors because they think doctors loot patients. Others hate businessmen because they think businessmen are crooks. A lot of us look down upon waiters and drivers and taunt people who take up such jobs by saying, “Such bad days have come that you have to take a job of such kind.”

Ahh and the society criticises people’s personal choices as well, be it choosing your career, having a girlfriend/boyfriend or roaming with friends of opposite gender(These are the things which are prominent in my country). It feels like you are going to get criticised on whatever choice you make.

Criticism is necessary but is useful only when it is constructive. While constructive criticism improves things and handling it is a really vital part of achieving your goal, destructive criticism demotivates people. Criticise, but only when you have a logical reason and not based on stereotypes.

Criticising someone just because they belong to a certain group or are more privileged than others is not something which makes sense. People should be criticised on the basis of what they do individually. And no, they should not be criticised for things like what food they like or what types of songs they listen to…

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Find happiness in little things!

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

As I see it, the world is becoming less and less happy day by day. People are always worried about a certain thing or the other and they spend so much time being anxious about an anticipated future event that they forget to enjoy the present and see what actually what they are missing out on. A friend of mine told me, ” When I go for cycling in the evening and notice people around me, I can rarely spot happiness on their faces(barring young children). They are either look angry, sad, dejected or nervous. Never are they merry-looking.” These words of my friend stuck to me. He is not wrong when he says the world is full of selfishness and stereotypes which leaves little space for happiness and joy.

What we forget is that in the end, we all are going to die until and unless someone invents a thing which can make humans immortal(VERY UNLIKELY). So why don’t we spend our time on Earth laughing and smiling, full of joy and happiness? We try so hard to maintain a good reputation amongst others what we stop caring about ourselves. It is rightly said that the most malicious disease is the thought that “What will others say”. If you enjoy or like something, go buy or experience it!

I myself get excited and happy about little things be it going out for dinner or watching my favorite tennis player win a trophy. I look forward to the days on which my favorite dish is prepared and on which my favorite basketball team is going to play a match. I love going to the door to receive a pizza and I really enjoy myself listening to songs all alone in my room with no disturbances. I am thrilled just by the fact that my blog has received a few hundred views and people are commenting good things about it. I really pride myself on this quality of enjoying little things.

Preparing for the future is necessary but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy ourselves. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow. It takes not even a single second to lose every tangible thing that you have. So invest more in intangible things like memories. Find happiness in small facts like having a great night’s sleep or receiving texts from your loved ones. As one of the closest people I know has rightly put it,” The time enjoyed wasting is not time wasted!” Stephen Chbosky has rightly stated, “There is nothing like deep breaths after laughing that hard.”

Money alone can’t give you happiness. I have jumped to this conclusion based on my observations of rich and poor people. The rich are generally worried about earning more and more while the poor enjoy the little things that they have. (This is my view that I observe most of the time). Be happy if you have a roof over your head and have a bed to sleep! Millions don’t have this luxury and many of them are still happier than many of us who can afford such things.

The meeting that you are worrying about is going to go really well if you have prepared well and not if you haven’t. So why worry!

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Going vegetarian!

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian”- Paul McCartney
People who know me are aware of the fact that I used to love non-vegetarian food. Till February of this year, I used to crave non-vegetarian food, be it chicken, eggs or fish. Being the only member of my family who used to eat non-vegetarian food, the amount of meat I would eat was considerably less but whenever I ate non-vegetarian food, I would love it.

But deep down inside, there had always been guilt.The guilt of having indirectly killed an animal for my own short-lived pleasure. The guilt of eating another animal for a taste that would go away after a while. We had to write an essay supporting or going against non-vegetarian food. I wrote against it even though I ate chicken and eggs. That day I knew my subconscious mind doesn’t agree with my choice. Regardless, I did not stop for an year or so.

And then one day, I decided to become a vegetarian. Friends were surprised. Parents were shocked for I loved non-veg food. And then suddenly, I decided that I’m going to become a vegetarian so they were left in shock. Nevertheless, they supported my decision, probably because they themselves don’t eat meat.

Another factor that contributed to my decision was the condition that animals are kept in slaughterhouses. The conditions are so inhumane that if you look at the pictures of slaughterhouses, you would leave meat at once. I believe that eating meat is not important for maintaining the food chain as animals are artificially bred to meet and satisfy the human want of meat.

Also, having eggs is as bad as consuming meat if not worse. Again the conditions and the processes that chickens have to go through so that their production of eggs increase is horrifying. I would say it might be better to die instead of living under such terrible conditions and going through such horrifying treatment.

Just because we consider ourselves to be the “best” and the most advanced species on earth, doesn’t mean we don’t respect the lives of other species. Also, there are species which are more advanced than us in some way or other such as ways of communication or speed or reflexes. Morally, the lives of other species are as precious as ours. If we have the option of eating a plant-based diet, why not prefer that over killing harmless animals for our own pleasure!

Moreover, it is a huge myth that we can’t fulfill our nutrient requirements without non-vegetarian food. There is tons of variety available for vegetarians that provide proper nutrition. Indeed, it might be difficult to get vegetarian food everywhere with ease. But a little effort could save an animal’s life. To add to that, studies have found that vegetarian food leads to better health and reduces the chances of various diseases.

Don’t say that you love animals if you eat meat. You can’t love something and eat it at the same time.

I now proudly proclaim that my food is grown and harvested and not born and killed. After all, even Einstein said that nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.

(All of these are solely my views. Everyone has a right to choose what they want to eat)

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Be kind!

In this world of selfishness, where everyone is full of themselves and would even indulge in illegal and immoral activities for their own benefit, try to help people in small little ways! Give your Uber driver 5 stars without any hesitation provided they doesn’t do anything majorly bad. Always thank the waiter when he brings your food and while leaving the restaurant. 2 simple words could make their day. It would change their mood if they were having a rough day. Tip them with an open heart if you liked their service. Don’t get angry at the waiter if your food is not up to the mark. Instead, politely ask them to call the manager or the chef . Again, talk to the chef with utmost respect and ask him to rectify the problem in a courteous manner. Who knows what they may be going through.

Always give people second chances on most issues. You never know it might be someone’s bad day and are otherwise good at what they are doing. Even the Beatles were rejected by Decca records. A startup by the name of “Ring” was sold to Amazon for a billion USD after being rejected by the investors of The Shark Tank. Micheal Jordan, considered by many as the greatest basketball player of all time was not selected for his basketball high school team. So, never dissuade someone and keep motivating others to achieve what they want to. Who knows they might end up being a worldwide sensation just like the examples mentioned above.

Personally, there are a lot of people who dissuade me from writing my blog by saying things like your blog is “trash” without any reason and tell me to stop writing. They make fun of me for writing a blog.(I don’t know why).But then there are people who love my blog and follow it closely. So when my blog is going to become really popular (I have a feeling it would if I keep writing), my success would be the perfect reply to all those people who criticise my blog without any reason. . So, appreciate small things. You would be helping people like me to keep doing what they like. You would be their incentive to follow their passion.

I hate it when someone starts a youtube channel and others discourage him/her from starting one. Instead, promote their youtube channel, help them grow their audience and assist them in any way you can. If you know how to edit and have free time, edit their videos for them. If you have some idea for their channel, suggest it to them. Nobody minds any suggestions. Don’t be shy. Nobody’s going to laugh at you for providing ideas[ Yeah, I’d appreciate it if you promote my blog and suggest some ideas in the comment section. Don’t mind me 🙂 ]

Moreover, don’t criticise people who are rich and powerful. There is a reason they have reached the level that they are at (most of the times) and should be appreciated for their hardwork. However this is a topic for another day. Till then

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Is addiction always bad?

“Everything in excess is opposed to nature”-Hippocrates

To put it simply-Yes addiction is always bad. I don’t understand the notion that there are some addictions that are good.

Almost everyone would agree that addiction to alcohol is bad because it causes damage to your organs such as the liver. Similarly, nobody except perhaps those who themselves are addicted smokers, would go against me when I say addiction to smoking is bad because it affects the lungs and causes cancer. Oh, and obviously 99% of the people would agree that addiction to toxic drugs is detrimental for our body.

Then, there are people who proudly proclaim that they are and are indeed addicted to things like caffeine as if it is a good thing.[I also have to admit that I am addicted to chocolate and want to show my addiction to the world. So yes, you can call me a hypocrite 🙂 ] Obviously it does minimal harm if taken in moderate amounts but then addiction to it is never good. Until consuming coffee remains a habit, there is nothing to be worried about but then if you can’t “live” without it then that’s a problem. I have friends who say, “If we don’t get coffee every day, our day’s productivity would be minimal”. What if they stop getting coffee some day? Would they be able to work as efficiently as they could if they had coffee?

On the other hand there are poeple who are addicted not to things and consumables but to talking yo people- their best friend, their boyfriend/girlfriend and their loved ones.(Again I’m guilty of it) Some people proudly show this addiction by posting on social media their call log which displays the call time.(Strange people).Similarly people are happy to be addicted to playing video games, watching shows and movies.(Again, I’m guilty) . I, myself was addicted to Clash of Clans, a mobile game, around 2 years back. This lead to a downfall in both my personal and social life. What people don’t realise is that getting addicted to anything is bad.

And yes, getting addicted to your work is also not something to be happy about. There is a difference between being passionate about something and being addicted to it. If you are addicted to your work, you will have no time for your family, for your social life and chances are you might end up getting depressed. Also, to all the parents and students out there, studying too much is harmful for the child. You might argue that formal education is necessary but so is having hobbies and a social life. But then partying day and night doesn’t do anyone any good.

Therefore, its not only drugs, cigarettes and alcohol which can have adverse effects on us. Almost everything in this world is deleterious if taken in huge quantities be it consuming excessive beer or talking too much!

To sum it up, when water which is the basic need to sustain life, is hazardous in large quantities, then there can’t be possibly anything which is good in excessive amounts.

Also addiction to writing and moralising too much can be bad so

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Why do we follow trends?

“Forget the rules! If you like it, wear it.”

Welcome to the late 2010s where wearing ripped jeans has become chic and listening to Drake has become a norm. I have nothing against ripped jeans or Drake but my problem is with those people who blindly follow the latest trends even if they don’t like it. Many of my friends just listen to English Songs just because everyone is listening to them. As a result, Hindi songs are becoming less and less popular day by day which too are beautiful(at least some of them).I don’t say that English songs are bad for I love them too but there is no point listening to them if you don’t understand them or like them.

Let me take another example. People put up stories on Instagram doing stupid things like giving “TBH” of people and rating them out of 10(I don’t know if its prevalent everywhere but my feed is full of such idiotic things). And how can I forget people putting up stories wishing people birthdays instead of just messaging or calling them directly. What’s more surprising is that people post stories of the messages they have got for birthdays on Snapchat and Instagram. And why do they do this? Just because everyone is doing so and they they think it’s fashionable and is a trend which needs to be followed.

Children of tender ages have their own smartphones even when they don’t need it one bit. All they do is play games on it and watch useless videos on YouTube. And not any ordinary smartphone, they have started demanding the latest iPhones and Google Pixels . Why? Again, because everyone has one and they want to look “stylish”. There are some people who even post pictures on social networking sites showing the latest phone or laptop they just bought! I don’t understand the reasoning behind such posts. Most of them behave as if they bought it with their own money while it was their parents who bought them whatever they have. Again it’s a trend which is senseless

People don’t study just because Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were dropouts. What they don’t realise is they were dropouts from ivy-league colleges. I agree that school education is not up to the mark but just wasting time roaming here and there, driving illegally over the speed limits and wasting your parents’ money won’t make you the next Mark Zuckerberg. People who think so, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but you are not living in the real world!

Another thing that recently surprised me was that people are donating to Kylie Jenner so that she can become the youngest billionaire. I don’t know what are such fans thinking! Again, nothing against Kylie Jenner, it was with hard work that she has achieved so much at such a young age but why on earth are we even thinking about donating to a person who has millions instead of donating to help the millions of people who don’t even have food to eat and roof above their heads.

Also , the trend of watching Netflix shows and being on Instagram the whole night is becoming really popular. People have started sacrificing their sleep for some petty reasons. When your friends brag about how they were awake till 5 AM watching Game Of Thrones, be happy that you didn’t give up your sleep for a show.

Everyone is busy following things and people that we ourselves don’t try to create trends that are much more sensible. Why don’t we create a trend of a 1 month challenge asking people to show the before and after picture of a place which was littered with dirt and now is clean with the efforts that they put in . Or we can create a craze for clothes whose creation involves providing employment to a lot of people. Or create a fashion for helping orphanages and old-age home by providing assistance in any form.

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Why I am leaving Blogging

2 months ago, I started blogging. I really loved doing it. The number of views, the country they were from, the number of likes and the number of comments that my blog would excite the little kid in me.

Then one month ago, I monetized my site with my own custom domain name hoping to get more traffic. However, nothing of such sort happened. I hoped to earn some amount of money out if my blog and even though thousands of ads are being served, the CPM I get is so low that I would barely be able to recover my investment.

I have no topics left to write on. Also, blogging has become a chore. Thinking of topics, regulating comments, checking stats, etc takes up too much of my time. After I publish a blog post, the advertising that I have to do is also not easy. Putting up stories on social media and telling and convincing people to advertise my blog is really hard. Not-so-constructive criticism brings me down.Also, the disappointment that follows if a blog post doesn’t do well is very difficult to handle. I think I could use my time in a much more effective way rather than writing a blog



P.S- None of the things mentioned above is true and I have no intention of leaving blogging.

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Nuclear Weapons might be a blessing in disguise

Whenever I hear the words “Nuclear weapons”, the tragic incidents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki come to my mind. The sheer fact that hundreds of thousands of people were killed with two nuclear bombs scares me to no ends. I often wonder what if nuclear bombs were used in today’s world. Nuclear weapons today are much more powerful than the nuclear weapons used by the USA during the second world war. For example- The Hiroshima nuclear bomb, “Little Boy”, is estimated to have been between 12 and 18 kilotonnes of TNT (50 and 75 TJ) while the Nagasaki Bomb  “Fat Man”, is estimated to be between 18 and 23 kilotonnes of TNT (75 and 96 TJ).These two bombs were enough to kill around 100,000-250,000 people. Now if we compare these nuclear weapons to the strongest nuclear weapon there is i.e The Tsar Bomba, Tsar Bomba is 1500 times more powerful than both the Nagasaki and the Hiroshima bomb combined. Imagine the amount of destruction this bomb could cause alone!

Coming to the topic, nuclear weapons today seem to be one of the greatest threats to mankind. It is expected that if there is a full-blown nuclear war, it is predicted that humanity will almost be completed washed away from the earth. This is because nuclear weapons not only lead to immediate deaths due to the intense heat produced during the explosions and the pressure created from the blast but the radiations of these weapons will also have long term effects. Scientists predict that a nuclear war would lead to what is called a nuclear winter. The radioactive particles would form clouds blocking sunlight which would lower the temperature of the planet leading to disruption of essential processes like photosynthesis leading to mass starvation amongst people. This scenario is similar to the  asteroid theory that has been used to explain the extinction of the  dinosaurs.

I would also like to add that even though there are only 8 nuclear countries in the world,(Excluding Israel. It is believed that Israel does possess nuclear weapons, Israel has never officially acknowledged it!) no country is safe from the destruction that a nuclear war would cause. Nuclear winter would spread across the globe and its devestating effect will spread across the entire globe as well.So all those videos that claim that places like New Zealand might be safe are not true to a great extent. Even though such places might not face the immediate effects of a nuclear war, it is highly unlikely that any place on the earth will be protected from the after-effects of a nuclear war

Now, if nukes cause so much damage, how could they be a blessing in disguise. To put it in simple words, it is because of the fear of nuclear weapons. Let me explain in more detail. There hasn’t been a full-blown war involving many nuclear countries since World War Two. Why? Because countries are aware of the devastation nuclear weapons can cause. Nuclear countries are aware that use of nuclear weapons will lead to MUD( Mutually Assured Destruction). All countries know that in a nuclear war, there would be no victor. All the countries involved in such a war will face such huge problems that their developmental pace will be set back by decades if not centuries. There would be a huge loss of life and infrastructure. Also, the environment would become so harsh that survival would become difficult. So even though countries might threaten to use nuclear bombs, it is highly unlikely they would do so. There is just no incentive to use nuclear bombs for any country. So unless there is any country that wants to commit suicide, it is highly unlikely we will have to go through a nuclear war in the future(At least I hope so)

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The Earth could be an alien’s science project!

Are living creatures found on earth only? Do aliens exist? Are humans the only intelligent species? If aliens exist, are they smarter than humans? These are some of the questions that are some of science’s greatest mysteries.

I often question that how can Earth be the only place where living beings exist. People say that Earth was formed after the Big Bang but I say what if the Earth is an alien’s science project who got a C for it in his school! What if our actions are being controlled by some other creatures. This seems and sounds unlikely but you never know!

I am a firm believer in the existence of creatures living outside the Earth. I just can’t imagine nothing but empty space and some planets all over the universe without any living beings except of course the earth. The creatures might not be similar to us. They may breathe hydrogen instead of oxygen, they may be more intelligent than us and already know of our existence.We claim to be the most intellectual species on our planet but it could turn out that we are the most inferior race as compared to that of other planets and galaxies (provided aliens exist) Then there could be some creatures who are far less intelligent than us and aren’t even aware about other planets except their own. Also, what if there are living creatures on earth itself that are far more smarter than us and are not visible to us!

Moreover, we have all heard about rumours about UFO’s and aliens on earth. We have all heard about places like Area 51.There has to be some reason that such things have been claimed to be been seen by many people and places like Area 51 are rumoured as a site for aliens to live!

I don’t understand why aliens are always shown in a bad light. It is possible that they (if they exist) are quite friendly and want to help humans. If humans and aliens meet, it is possible that the interaction would be the best thing to happen to mankind for they might bring with themselves revolutionary technology and things for humans!

Also, what if inanimate objects have their own lives and they themselves think that us humans are not living.What if we are just living the first part of our life and the second part would start after our death. These questions fascinate me a lot and even though such things are extremely unlikely, they are indeed possible. I believe that we have not unfolded 99.9% secrets of this world and our science is centuries away from unfolding them. So, don’t rule out any possibility. Also, imagine out of the world things. It doesn’t cost anything to do so. They might turn out to be real some day! Maybe we’ll hear from an alien tomorrow itself!

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